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From Full-time to Business Owner

My name is Carl, I am the founder and President of Bitcoin Guru Trading and Consulting Services. I am also the lead cryptocurrency trainer, mentor and coach. I decided that after 5 years of full-time trading in cryptocurrencies to make my secret trading knowledge and methods available to you so you can be a successful chartist and trader as myself.

Back in 2010, I stumbled upon an article about “Bitcoin” and “Satoshi Nakamoto”. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I kept reading on Bitcoin on the news but did not at the time give too much attention at Bitcoin GPU mining on a home desktop and did not pursue buying it as it was pretty hard to get my hands on a reliable source of Bitcoin exchange at the time I was in Canada. It was the shady “LocalBitcoins” website or nothing. To use Coinbase you had to have a US Bank account, and Canada at the time did not have an online exchange that I could use.

Two years later, I checked and the price of Bitcoin was $25 but still no reliable and easy way of buying Bitcoin in Canada and to be clear I did not want to take the risk – then came November 2013, Bitcoin was everywhere on the media as it was rallying to $300, $400 and it was surging on and on right after Ben Bernanke Chairman of the US Federal Reserve wrote a letter to the Congress on November 18, 2013 that “Bitcoin and other virtual currencies may hold long-term promise”. At the time, the Silk Road drug dark web / marketplace also was on the news as it was taken down and the secret services had ceased a tremendous amount of Bitcoins at the time. I then found newly founded Canadian exchange website called “the Vault of Satoshi” where after days of verification allowed me to buy my first 2 Bitcoins at a $800 price. From there, I started trading for the first time ever and incurred a big loss which pushed me to self-teach myself trading through online resources and books. I’ve learned so much as a full-time cryptocurrencies trader through the years that I’ve since then derived my own indicator and perfected my methods.

As my calls on Twitter, and Tradingview charts have grown in popularity, cryptocurrencies trading had grown from an obsession, to a part-time job as I started giving free signals through my social media channels. Now my part-time job has become a fully fledged business. I have slowly built my Cryptocurrencies trading and consulting services into an income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently a full time cryptocurrencies lead trainer, mentor and coach.

Why Bitcoin Guru?

This site is dedicated to helping newbies and intermediate traders learn the skills of cryptocurrencies trading.

I started Bitcoin Guru on January 2017 mainly because I wanted to ensure that my own trading methods and skills that I developed and mastered through the years were passed on to others who were willing to learn and willing to put the effort to become the trader that I had become today.

Since then I’ve mentored, coached and taught well over 60 members through the Bitcoin Guru Cryptocurrencies Trading Mentorship and Coaching Program (BGMC), the Cryptocurrencies Trading Alerts and 1-on-1 On-Demand Courses.

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