Courses & Training

Cryptocurrencies trading training got better, easier and flexible with the 1-on-1 personalized Bitcoin Guru courses

On-Demand Courses

Bitcoin Guru offers the choice to select on-demand courses from a wide variety of trading topics derived from the Cryptocurrencies BGMC Trading Program. If you may have already some trading experience, picking specific courses to compliment your knowledge is the smartest and most flexible way of completing your trading education. The courses are broadcasted in live 1-on-1 sessions which means they are entirely dedicated to your own education.

Pick your BGMC courses on-demand from the Full Trading Program list in the next section.


Premium Trading Program

Bitcoin Guru offers a unique and intensive Cryptocurrencies Trading Mentorship & Coaching Program (BGMC) broadcasted in 9 hours live 1-on-1 sessions that no on else in the cryptocurrency industry delivers better. The full trading program is entirely tailored to your own experience and pace. Here is a summary of the BGMC Premium Trading Program:

Full Trading Program Summary:

Duration: 9 hours

BGMC-101: Introduction to Bitcoin (1 hour ~)
BGMC-102: Overview of the Core Trading Patterns (2 hours ~)
BGMC-103: Overview of the Core Trading Indicators (2 hours ~)
BGMC-104: Overview of the Bitcoin Cycles, Fractals & Megabull (1 hour ~)
BGMC-105: Creating your Trading Analysis and Plan (2 hours ~)
BGMC-106: Live Trading with Bitcoin Guru (2 hours ~)

Additional Courses Offered (not-included in the program that can be purchased):
BGMC-107: Introduction to Tradingview (1 hour ~)
BGMC-108: Extra Coaching & Mentoring Hours (TBD ~)


The advantage of this program is that your cryptocurrency trading education does not end abruptly after 9 hours. But instead your coaching and mentorship also extends to 12 months from your onboarding as you also receive a Bitcoin Guru VIP package that includes all the below:

Cryptocurrencies Trading Alerts and Market Reports Summary:

Duration: 12 months

Trading alerts are delivered on a daily or hourly basis if the market sentiments quickly changes. The trading alerts can include some of the following details: support and resistance levels, indicators, patterns, detailed charts, stop-loss, entries, exits so you can surf the crypto market well prepared. These alerts are published directly to the Bitcoin Guru live Discord communication platform that is available as a Mobile App (iPhone, Android) or Windows/MacOS Client or Web Portal to ensure you are always up to date on all the cryptocurrencies being watched wherever you are, whenever you want!

The market reports are delivered on a biweekly or monthly basis depending on the current market conditions. The Cryptocurrencies market report keep track of more than 40 cryptocurrencies pairs and are published in a comprehensive PDF format for newbies, intermediate or expert traders with all the detailed data needed such as: sentiment, levels, indicators, patterns, detailed charts, stop-loss entries, exits.

Access to the Bitcoin Guru Member Portal
Access to the Bitcoin Guru Trading Academy (Trading library which contains trading patterns, indicators, examples etc.)
Access to 1-on-1 Live Chat Support with the Guru
Access to the Guru’s Personal Tradingview Charts
Live Video Coverage of the Cryptocurrency Market with the Guru himself (depending on availability)